Gadget Guard

Warranty and Protection 

At Gadget Guard, we are dedicated to making tech devices healthier for humanity. We specialize in using science-backed technologies to create device accessories that guard humans from their devices and devices from their humans. We hold over 17 unique patents that help us in achieving this mission.

About Gadget Guard

Gadget Guard provides best-in-class protection. We offer phone cases, screen protectors, tech cleaners, and other accessories that stand apart from the crowd. Our two-way protection model puts equal weight on protecting both the device and the human using it.

Partnering with iQmetrix will enable our customers to level up with an extra layer of protection. Along with our lifetime warranty, in-store customers can add GuardPlus screen insurance to any Gadget Guard screen protector, at a level that fits their individual needs.


Guardplus ISM

Gadget Guard and iQmetrix introduce an exclusive integration called GuardPlus ISM. Learn how you can simplify your product offering and maximize your screen protection profit potential. Join the screen protection revolution!

Gadget Guard Solutions

Guardplus is an insurance program that offers our customers peace of mind. This program can be added to any screen protector purchase and covers the cost of repairs for any device screen damage if needed. This insurance program is offered at two levels, guardplus $150 and guardplus $250, that customers can choose from based on their needs.

In partnership with iQmetrix, Gadget Guard is leading the screen protection revolution. GuardPlusISM is a point-of-sale integration that allows wireless retailers to integrate, simplify, and maximize screen protection sales. This integration into RQ will reduce carrying costs, increase profit potential and satisfy customers by offering customized insurance coverage plans.