Physical receipts have been the norm but in recent years there has been a shift from physical to digital receipts. As our society becomes more mindful of the environmental impact of physical receipts, eReciepts have picked up momentum. They are sent to your customers via email directly after the sale is completed and the direct integration into RQ provides a seamless finish to the sales process.

Everyone benefits for different reasons


Not only are they getting what they paid for, they're saving their environment — one wireless purchase at a time.

Sales Staff

RQ integration provides a seamless experience to an providing eReceipt vs a physical receipt. 


There's no longer a need to purchase copious amounts of receipt paper! With every eReceipt sent, you're saving money and showing your customer you care about sustainability.


Chatterspot leads the wireless retail industry with the only RQ integrated solution that allows its users to manage their CRM, digital, and social media marketing from one platform. Chatterspot's automated technology, along with their expertise, has helped thousands of dealers across North America increase their customer retention, drive new traffic, and increase their bottom line.

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