Analytics can be daunting and difficult to understand or correlate to your business goals and objectives. At iQmetrix, we have partners available to make those connections for you, with ready-made products and services that are proven to increase wireless stores sales and operations.

Everyone benefits for different reasons


Not only can analytics help identify customer needs so you can proactively offer products and services they desire, they help create opportunities for upselling and customer renewals, upgrades, or plan changes.

Sales Staff

Create sales opportunities for sales staff through software that can identify the best match-up, customers to contact, and specific products and services to offer. By offering customers what they want when they need it, sales staff can improve relationships, offer a stronger value story, and strengthen customer retention.


Refinded data gives your store stronger leads and that means, more sales. More accurate data also means an increased ability to track ROI, closing rates, sales, and relationship building. Your managers can use this information for future development, planning, and customer retention programs.



Statflo is a smart CRM and reporting engine that grows same-customer sales, coaches reps, and automates reconciliation. Fully integrated with RQ, Statflo mines your data for sales opportunities, strengthens customer relationships, and has helped dealers increase same-customer transactions by 77%.

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