Review Guidelines

Partner Reviews was built for iQmetrix clients to contribute and share valuable information about their past experiences interacting with iQmetrix partners. Quality reviews help clients discover new services and provide valuable feedback to partners. The goal of these Review Guidelines is to ensure that reviews posted on the Partner Reviews website are genuine, useful and respectful.

General Guidelines

When posting reviews on the Partner Reviews website, please only write about direct experiences you’ve had working with the partner. You may write about both positive or negative experiences, but do not misrepresent any facts by exaggerating the truth. While we support reviews with strong opinions, please use language that is family friendly.

Prohibited Content

  • Inappropriate or offensive content
    - Examples: threats, hate speech, inflammatory or discriminatory language and false information
  • Conflicts of interest
    - Examples: paid reviews, advertisements and sponsorship
  • Irrelevant content
    - Examples: comments about a partner’s politics, corporate philosophy or employment practices
  • Intellectual property
    -Examples: trademarks, slogans and code snippets

All reviews are manually verified by iQmetrix staff for compliance with the Terms of Use and these Review Guidelines. iQmetrix retains sole discretion to refuse to publish or to remove any reviews from the Partner Reviews website at any time for any reason.

We may distribute your review to our partners who wish to gain feedback and insight into their services. As "User Content" under the Terms of Use, you grant iQmetrix various rights to your review so please ensure you have read and understood the Terms of Use. With respect to any User Content you post that is related to the Partner Reviews website, you further agree that the rights granted to iQmetrix therein include the right to sublicense iQmetrix's rights to its partners.


iQmetrix takes privacy seriously. Personal or sensitive information must not be included in a review. Personal or sensitive information include, but is not limited to names, credit card numbers, patented business processes and code snippets.


If a review contains any prohibited content or does not comply with the Terms of Use or these Review Guidelines, it may be rejected or removed without warning.

If you have any concerns regarding the Terms of Use, these Guidelines, or the content of any specific review please contact