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Experience iQmetrix's full-suite POS and explore today's omnichannel solutions in our very own on-site wireless retail store. 

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We're excited to debut our enhanced Service & Repair module! Discover the key best practices for running a successful repair shop. 

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Wireless Store Tour

Take a walk through our one-of-a-kind wireless retail store. See first-hand how iQmetrix products power best in class wireless spaces with digital signage, endless aisle, and of course, our industry-leading POS, RQ.

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Service & Repair Tour

We've got your fix - literally! Stop by and get your phone fixed on the show floor. There's no better way to see how repair shop experiences can be enhanced with iQmetrix than a real-life demo!

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POS + Retail Management

The intuitive and user-friendly design of RQ, our full-suite retail management system (RMS), allows your team to serve customers faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence than ever before.


Service & Repair


As part of our robust POS and retail management solution, iQmetrix offers a Service & Repair module designed specifically to address the headaches commonly felt by repair shops and service providers. Let us help you uncomplicate your business and deliver exceptional service to your customers.

Connected Payments


Provide the best payment experience for your customers with our fully-integrated and fully-managed payment system. No-fuss integration saves you time and money by pushing the POS transaction directly to the payment terminal and automatically updating the invoice when a payment is tendered.

We had a lot that needed to be accomplished. iQmetrix showed they are the best provider and are at the forefront of developing new innovations.
Dennis Ferguson, ZAGG, 101 locations

Wireless Repair Expo Keynote

September 12, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the Moscone Center

The Right Fix: Winning with Mobile Device Service & Repair 

Speaker: Stacy Hamer

Approximately 73 million Americans damaged their cellphones in 2016.  Follow along with iQmetrix as we talk about the seven main issues facing the Service & Repair industry and best practices to overcome them.


Wireless Repair Panel Presentation

September 12, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. at the Moscone Center

In it to Win it!

Passion, persistence, and innovation are creating today's winners in the wireless repair market. The leading companies in our rapidly changing service based industry continue to break down barriers, while raising the benchmark for success. Engage with our power panel on the pain points to conquer, and a shared vision for the future you won’t want to miss.

Endless Aisle + Dropship



Offer more by bringing your online content and product selection together in-store through interactive, touchscreen virtual merchandising. 

Never miss a sale by deliver a one-two punch with Endless Aisle and iQmetrix Dropship. Learn More.

Digital Signage



Take control with our digital signage solution in order to target the right audience at the right time while improving in-store brand presence, driving sales, and reducing the cost of managing marketing campaigns.

Customer Success Stories


Before iQmetrix Endless Aisle, Samsung has had to rely on third party retailers to tell their brand story and was constantly forced to give up peg space for an extensive line of fast changing technologies. See how they’re using Endless Aisle to now extend that story and full product range.


Glentel, the parent company of T-Booth, Wireless Wave, and Wireless Etc. (Costco), currently operates 356 locations with an impressive omnichannel focus. Using iQmetrix's POS (RQ), BI, eCommerce, Endless Aisle, Dropship and API solution, Glentel has proven to be a wireless powerhouse.

Spring Mobile was purchased by GameStop in 2013 and includes Spring Mobile, Simply Mac, Cricket and AT&T divisions. Since its founding in 2001, Spring Mobile has achieved phenomenal growth. Discover how iQmetrix has help Spring Mobile grow to over 1,300 locations and counting!
iQmetrix | Booth #3159

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