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THE IQMETRIX MEETUP IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE IF YOU’RE A specialty retailer in wireless, repair, and beyond.


Why? There is no other event focused on wireless and specialty retailers like you. We’ve sourced the best information and the latest insights to keep your business ahead of the curve and the competition.

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Matt Kamla

Cell Plus | Director of Information Systems

What I really enjoy about coming to iQmetrix events is that there are people that are doing a better job at what I do than I am, so it’s really awesome to start brainstorming with these other people. A lot of the time we won’t agree on how we want to do the same idea, but I am at least able to stretch my brain and see my path through a decision with a “forest” of options.



Avi Sohal

Reliance Wireless | CEO

Meetup is valuable because of the people who are coming. We get to talk with other retailers in the industry and learn from each other and work together.



Anita Denboske

Active Communications | Owner

We want to learn as much as we can. This is a very powerful tool and it is a big part of our everyday business so the more people that know about RQ in my company is going to make me more efficient and make my company better. So I brought my inventory manager, my sales manager, my reconciliation manager, my B2B manager, my IT manager and this is just going to make us better.


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