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Matt Kamla

Cell Plus | Director of Information Systems

What I really enjoy about coming to the iQmetrix events is there is people that are doing a better job at what I do that I am and so it’s so awesome to start brainstorming with other people and a lot of times we won’t agree on how we want to do the same idea, I was at least able to stretch my brain and see “the forest” in a sense… of options to see my path through it.



Troy Mileski

TEAM Wireless | Inventory Control Manager

“What I enjoy most about iQmetrix events is getting to meet the people we deal with over the phone and via email on a daily basis. We get to meet them in person face to face. We also get to learn a lot of new things about iQ, any upcoming changes to RQ and of course having a little bit of fun while we are here as well with some of the after hours events.




Active Communications | Owner

We want to learn as much as we can. This is a very powerful tool and it is a big part of our everyday business so the more people that know about RQ in my company is going to make me more efficient and make my company better. So I brought my inventory manager, my sales manager, my reconciliation manager, my B2B manager, my IT manager and this is just going to make us better.