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About iQmetrix

What We Do: Power Retail

As one of the largest providers of retail software solutions for specialty retail markets in North America, iQmetrix helps business owners, operators, and employees increase efficiency in their day-to-day, delight customers, and deliver a great check-out experience at the POS. Beyond our flagship product, we’ve developed interactive retail elements to provide omnichannel experiences for customers in-store.

Founded by Retailers

With deep roots in retail, we’ve leveraged that knowledge to develop software focused on enhancing the in-store experience. Our experience on both sides of the retail aisle enables us to build retail solutions that actually make sense for today’s consumers and satisfies the needs of the modern retailer. Used in 20,000+ locations, it’s quite possible to find an iQmetrix software product in nearly every major shopping center in North America.

Create Great Experiences

We’re dedicated to helping specialty retailers create those memorable shopping experiences; the kind that turns one-time browsers into loyal, repeat brand advocates. We know today’s consumers can buy what they need just about anywhere so the physical store has to be about so much more than just a transaction. Today’s retailers are challenged to become the destination customers can depend on; that’s where iQmetrix comes in.


Just a POS? Not even close. iQmetrix's suite of solutions include everything retailers need to run their business, leap frog the competition, and gain loyal customers.


Retail Store POS

iQmetrix retail store POS, known as RQ, was built specifically for the complexities of the wireless, repair, and specialty retail industries. By employing RQ, you’ll serve customers faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence than ever before.


Endless Aisle

iQmetrix Endless Aisle allows retailers to offer and sell more product with virtual merchandise. Interactive touchscreens allow customers to browse and buy a wide variety of products without the need for the item to be in-store at the time of purchase. Hello increased store space!



iQmetrix Payment Solutions allow you to automate your checkout flow resulting in easy, error-free reconciliation, as well as faster management of all your financial needs with PCI scope reduction, chargeback handling, and EMV certified hardware. Streamline your business processes by combining your payment and POS needs under one roof. Avoid being bounced between different providers while trying to get support on a pressing issue.



As the physical and virtual retail channels collide, they are no longer in competition. iQmetrix enables omnichannel retail where these various channels complement each other and our eCommerce solution creates the virtual storefront to mimic your in-store design. Showcase your entire product catalog without sacrificing that customer-pleasing interaction.



iQmetrix Dropship is a service that gives you the ability to send items from a supplier or fulfillment location directly to your customer. Tap into your existing fulfillment capabilities and supply chain integration to create a truly infinite number of product options.  


Powering over 20,000 locations including...



 Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1999 by independent retailers
  • Headquartered in Vancouver, BC
  • Privately held Software-as-a-Service company
  • Powering over 20,000 retail locations
  • Over $19.3 billion in retail sales processed in 2018
  • Over 90 million retail transactions processed last year
  • 400+ employees across North America
  • Company Awards
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Stephanie Boyle
Manager, Marketing & PR