POS Guide for Liquor Stores

So, you’ve decided your current POS is no longer cutting it. What now?

When it comes to being able to support your liquor store business in the pursuit of growth, your POS and retail management system needs to rise to the challenge in order to deliver an outstanding customer experience. No pressure, right?

The search for a new point-of-sale all starts with asking the right questions. Want to know what you should be asking or your staff, your business, your vendors, and your new potential POS?

What's Inside

Your retail POS can have one of the biggest impacts on your business. Do you know what to look for?

iQmetrix POS - Preparing Your Company
Preparing Your Company

Change can be tough but when you've done the prep work, moving to a new POS will be a breeze. Discover important questions you should be asking internally to make the switch light and airy. 

iQmetrix POS - Cloud
Cloud-Based vs. Locally-Hosted

Why is everyone moving to the cloud? There are a lot of arguments out there but when you break it down to the nitty-gritty details, the advantages make this debate an easy one.

iQmetrix POS - 5 Key Questions to Ask Vendors
Learn to Assess a POS

Your business is more than just one person. It's an interconnected network and the lines of communication need to be smooth. Make sure you know how your new POS will keep everything on track. 

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