Bite-Sized PCI Training to Your Inbox

Our eCourse  gives you simple and tangible compliance tips delivered in 5 daily email doses.

We get it, PCI is a drag. Unfortunately, it is also a fact of life for your retail store. With so much on your plate, you likely find it easiest to pay hefty non-compliance fees to rid yourself from pesky quarterly scans or complicated documentation.

iQmetrix has a solution! Introducing the fun, not boring, PCI compliance eCourse. Sign up to receive expert PCI advice, helpful security tips, and some free stuff to help you lock in security. It’s time to turn down the suck when it comes to learning about compliance.


The Mind Behind the eCourse


Margeaux Girardin
Payments Marketing Manager, iQmetrix

Powering great payment experiences is the name of the game for Payments Marketing Manager, Margeaux Girardin. For the past two years, she has helped guide clients through the complexities of the payment industry and was instrumental in the launch of iQmetrix Merchant Services—our in-house payment processing solution. Before coming to iQmetrix, Margeaux was a Marketing Manager for a local tech start-up, allowing her to sink her teeth and talents into the fast-paced world of technology marketing. In her down time Margeaux enjoys dining out with friends, playing house with her boyfriend and fur babies, and binge watching (way too many) episodes of The Office.