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Supporting the bandwidth of the future and remaining relevant in a sea of competition can be overwhelming. With the number of connected devices expected to increase from 700 million to 3.2 billion by 2023, wireless retailers must prepare for the supercharging of the Internet of Things (IoT), the coming of 5G, and keeping up with customer’s increasing demands by continuously evolving their technologies.

However, upgrading from legacy platforms and incorporating new and modern technologies is no easy feat. Wireless retailers and carriers must weigh the options of either updating their current system with innovative technology or implementing a brand-new system altogether. While new technology can help increase productivity, efficiency, and performance, if not launched properly, businesses risk losing data, reducing functionality, and creating poor user experiences. Shifting from one architectural design to another is also demanding and provokes other issues to further evaluate, which can be time-consuming and ineffective.

While replatforming can be an investment in time and money, with careful preparation and the right solution, strategic implementation of new technology can be seamless and painlessly adopted.

Before developing the best course of action, wireless retailers and carriers must consider the numerous factors impacting the telecom market landscape.


  1. Unifying the Customer Experience Is Impossible with Legacy Software
  2. Difficulty with Utilizing Data Reporting Tools
  3. Privacy and Security Issues
  4. Inability to Prepare for 5G Migration
  5. What Can Wireless Retailers Do to Help Mitigate Challenges in Today’s Telecom Landscape
  6. Integration Service Options
  7. Finding Solutions to Your Unique Challenges
  8. Exceptional Hands-On Support
  9. Custom Development and Product Enhancements
  10. What Sets iQmetrix Apart From the Competition?
  11. Client Empowerment
  12. Scaled Solutions to Support Company Growth
  13. Over 20 Years of Industry Experience Specializing in Wireless Needs
  14. iQmetrix’s Complete Omnichannel Capabilities
  15. Without iQmetrix
  16. See It in Action
Unifying the Customer Experience Is Impossible with Legacy Software

Businesses must understand that customers expect their desired products to be available through their preferred touchpoint, in addition to a seamless customer experience online and in-store. To ensure that they are meeting their customers’ expectations, businesses need centralized customer data to create a unified customer experience and strategy. Knowledgeable shoppers will consider each experience they had with a brand and their service before making a final decision, meaning that wireless retailers should ensure that their customer channels do not compete against each other and that all customer interactions are recorded and centralized. Customers find it frustrating if they research a product and see that it’s available in a nearby physical store, only to find that the product is unavailable upon arrival. Unified commerce continuously updates product databases, allowing merchants to minimize customer pain points.

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Difficulty with Utilizing Data Reporting Tools

Creating centralized customer data means breaking down siloes, but wireless retailers must have the proper infrastructure to support modern marketing and sales. Data from various customer touchpoints including social media, SMS, and email should enable wireless retailers to build a seamless customer experience as well as drive revenue goals. A robust technology platform is necessary to confirm that multiple channels are working together and not against each other.

Privacy and Security Issues

Ensuring customer safety and security entails interconnected technology systems as well as updated policies and operational measures. The IoT and the advancement of new technologies have made customers’ personal information easier to access. Challenges wireless retailers face in regard to privacy and security include system disruptions, data breaches and data loss, just to name a few. These issues are common with legacy software platforms and can be extremely costly to an organization. With upgraded technology options, wireless retailers can better protect customers to keep personal data confidential and have more control of their personal information.

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With upgraded technology options, wireless retailers can better protect customers to keep personal data confidential and have more control of their personal information.


Inability to Prepare for 5G Migration

The fifth-generation networks (5G) will soon be approaching the market in 2020 and pledge to be significantly faster and more efficient than previous generations. While this connection is still in the early development stages, carriers, as well as software and hardware suppliers alike, are examining practical techniques to achieve success with the migration from 4G to 5G networks. With 5G network speed, IoT devices will connect instantaneously, allowing for more linked devices at a rapid pace. Fifth-generation networks have the capacity to download large content files in seconds, compared to minutes with the current 4G networks.

While 5G networks offer increased opportunities and enhanced speed, their primary design poses major dilemmas for wireless retailers when it comes to implementation. Fourth-generation networks benefit from low-frequency waves, enabling them to quickly span long distances. 4G networks can therefore be connected without the use of numerous antennas. Conversely, 5G networks currently require millimeter waves to transfer information, which do not navigate as remotely as the current 4G networks’ structures. This means that more antennas are needed for the 5G networks migration, which is particularly challenging for the telecom industry.



What Can Wireless Retailers Do to Help Mitigate Challenges in Today’s Telecom Landscape

Innovation is key for carriers and authorized retailers to thrive and remain competitive. iQmetrix understands the issues the telecom industry is facing today and is here to make the process of transitioning to an upgraded technology platform more seamless. This robust retail management system is designed to answer the diverse challenges, circumstances and opportunities most prevalent in the telecom industry. iQmetrix also has a dedicated team designed to support retail transformation goals.

Integration Service Options

iQmetrix understands that the successful implementation of its software stems from a successful launch period. iQmetrix will gauge your company’s precise requirements and create a comprehensive launch plan, consisting of team responsibilities, budgets, timelines, and milestones. The software project team is committed to being there from inception to implementation, assisting you with taking your business where it ultimately wants to go on time and on budget.


iQmetrix understands the issues the telecom industry is facing today and is here to make the process of transitioning to an upgraded technology platform more seamless.


Finding Solutions to Your Unique Challenges

iQmetrix is all about bringing the right people and tools together and finding solutions to unique problems. Think iQmetrix is just a retail management system? iQmetrix has a full suite of wireless retail management features and an integrations platform to address business needs and exceed customer expectations. This software includes an intuitive interface to help each customer receive the time and attention they need quickly and efficiently. RQ provides all of your information in a way that is meaningful to you. Whether it’s inventory, sales, or customer data, you can be sure that you’re combining the metrics that matter to you so that you’re getting the entire picture.

Exceptional Hands-On Support

iQmetrix isn’t just a technology company but a people-focused and quality-driven company. iQmetrix has a dedicated team to support you as you make your digital transformation. The Professional Services team will collaborate directly with your company’s staff to update existing technologies as well as build complex Business Intelligence reports, accelerate operational automations such as inventory management and price sheets, and update your company’s security settings to minimize fraud and protect customer data.

The iQmetrix Support Community website gives product users the ability to view helpful videos and files as well as submit interactive feedback, anytime, anyplace. A developer portal includes all of the key information developers need to onset retail management system API and eCommerce integrations. iQmetrix’s API design is used by their own team of developers to implement products. The iQmetrix team is also available 24/7/365 to support you.



Custom Development and Product Enhancements
The iQmetrix software solution powers a connected wireless experience for enterprise retailers and SMBs. iQmetrix makes integrating authorized retailers’ systems with carrier systems simpler and easier to manage. The streamlining of retailers’ and carriers’ systems helps to thwart front-end issues while overseeing rate plans and further pricing modifications. With its advanced inventory and supply chain management system support, wireless retailers can receive heightened inventory visibility and store variations as well as the ability to pinpoint automations based on customer buying patterns. A full inventory integration means that products are replenished and fulfilled more seamlessly and that there are no purchase order lags.
What Sets iQmetrix Apart From the Competition?

iQmetrix’s culture of innovation and its mission to evolve as industry demands continue to change, as well as the desire to improve the customer experience, set the company apart from competitors. The iQmetrix methodology is also about understanding clients’ needs in a holistic way and offering thoughtful and comprehensive resolutions.


The iQmetrix methodology is also about understanding clients’ needs in a holistic way and offering thoughtful and comprehensive resolutions.


Client Empowerment

iQmetrix believes in the power of teamwork and helping clients feel confident as they approach the advancement of their technology platforms to improve business conditions. Customers have the option of joining iQmetrix at a convenient location for them at a designated workshop or by attending a routinely scheduled webinar to learn more about iQmetrix products, services and updated features. The iQmetrix team also lets customers choose exactly what they want to learn about the software solutions online or in-person. iQmetrix is truly all about choice and customer empowerment.

Scaled Solutions to Support Company Growth

iQmetrix’s RQ feature scales with you as your company grows whether you have a few stores or thousands. The unification from the inventory management system to the CRM feature, as well as reporting and analytics capabilities, are constructed to provide a complete view of customer groups.

Over 20 Years of Industry Experience Specializing in Wireless Needs

The iQmetrix team has over 20 years of industry experience with understanding people, retailers and customers in order to support the growth of carriers and wireless retailers especially. Its retail management solution, RQ, has the proven ability to demonstrate company growth and opportunities through its full suite of retail management system options and solutions. iQmetrix is laser-focused on resolving the complex issues carriers and retailers are facing in order to build bridges and create a more seamless experience for customers. Since its inception in 1999, iQmetrix has turned pain points into positive results for clients and internal team members. The iQmetrix team is proud of their collaborative nature and the company’s overall focus on remaining innovative as the digital landscape evolves; the company’s success also relates to not being complacent and keeping customers top of mind.

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iQmetrix’s Complete Omnichannel Capabilities

A complete omnichannel strategy translates to a seamless customer experience. iQmetrix offers BOPIS and ROPIS, as well as the following and so much more:

  • Retail POS & Mobile POS: RQ’s intuitive sales interface, advanced inventory management, and powerful reporting to monitor growth. RQmobile is a customer-first approach that increases revenue and exceeds customer expectations by taking transactions to the customer.

  • Payments & Bill Payments: Payment integration enables faster checkouts, automated reconciliation, and transparent reporting. Bill Payments allows for seamless transfers between third parties when paying a cellular bill or activating a new line.”

  • eCommerce Incorporation: Creating the most engaging and detailed shopping experience for customers, which increases brand loyalty and company efficiency.

  • Integrated Payment Solutions: Guarantees faster checkouts, more transparent reporting and a complete payment product suite.
Without iQmetrix

iQmetrix offers the most comprehensive retail management system and extensive support for all business types, including carriers, authorized retailers, wireline, cable and MSO organizations alike.


iQmetrix offers the most comprehensive retail management system and extensive support for carriers, authorized retailers, wireline, cable and MSO organizations alike. iQmetrix is committed to reducing complexities and finding solutions to unique problems. When software is easier for the end user, there’s more time to focus on the customer, which means growing their business. iQmetrix understands that transitioning to a new technology platform can be daunting but is here to make the process as easy as possible. Wireless retailers and carriers that do not select iQmetrix for their upgraded technology platform may miss out on the opportunity for a holistic approach to their retail management system and overall customer experience. They may also potentially miss out on the following:

  • A sustainable, full suite of software that supports continuous growth while helping authorized retailer and carrier businesses thrive

  • Money on the table

  • The risk of falling behind

  • A unified end-to-end customer experience

When making iQmetrix the technology solution of choice, authorized retailers and carriers gain more than just a software provider; they also gain a strategic partner. The iQmetrix team is committed to helping clients adapt to their new technology platforms as well as being there to support them for continuous growth and improvement. From project inception to the official launch date, iQmetrix is dedicated to evaluating additional business needs, sharing best practices and delivering customized training. Businesses will always need to continue to advance technology as the industry continues to change, and iQmetrix is there to make that as seamless and infrequent as possible by building for the future. The iQmetrix Client Experiences team has proven to be successful when it comes to reducing expensive inefficiencies, increasing profitability and creating additional revenue streams. iQmetrix is also proud of its vast network of experts as well as their integrated partners available to help authorized retailers and wireless carriers create the most positive and memorable experiences for their customer base.

See It in Action

The iQmetrix full suite of retail solutions and variety of products is the sure way to set authorized retailers and wireless carriers apart in a sea of competition and help uncomplicate the world of wireless retail. Receive a customized demo showing how your company can accomplish its retail transformation goals and solve migration project plans by clicking here.




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iQmetrix’s intelligent retail management software is designed to power the telecom industry. Our solutions are built around enabling telecom retailers to deliver a buy-anywhere strategy through multi-channel inventory management and digital retail solutions; make data-driven decisions using powerful reporting; and unify storefronts and digital channels for a consistent customer experience, in-store, online, and anywhere else. For more than 20 years, we’ve been passionate about helping the leading brands in telecom grow by providing excellent software, services, and industry expertise that enables them to adapt and thrive. Currently powering over 20,000 retail locations, iQmetrix is a privately held software as a service (SaaS) company with offices in Canada and the U.S.