How to Implement Endless Aisle 

Without Affecting Your Merchandising Strategy


A New Wave of Interactive Retail has Taken Over


What is Endless Aisle?

Endless Aisle is an interactive, customer-facing touch screen that displays your entire physical and virtual product catalogs. This allows customers to browse accessory and device libraries without being dependent on an interaction with an associate. 

Dropship + Endless Aisle

When partnered together, Endless Aisle and Dropship become the dynamic duo that boosts your revenue. The iQmetrix Dropship solution enables sales associates to always say “yes” to their customer..


What it means for you

When entire accessory catalogs, available SKUs, and product details are hosted on Endless Aisle, sales associates and customers alike have all the information they need at their disposal. 

Find out how to implement endless aisles in your cellphone store today.

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