How Specialty Retail Can Succeed In
the Age of Amazon

Specialty retailers face intense competitive pressures against the convenience offered by online retailers and big-box merchants. But is there a way to use what makes specialty retailers unique from these big players, to their advantage?

What's Inside

While consumers value the deep product knowledge, enhanced customer service, and ongoing relationships that specialty retailers can offer, it’s often a challenge to get new (and even returning) customers into the store. Specialty retailers need a set of tools that leverage their unique strengths, to help them win over customers and keep them coming back.

What’s In a Name

Knowing your customer, not just who they are but down to their product preferences, can be the difference between them walking through your door and not your competition’s. Harness customer data for repeat customers, guaranteed.

Experience is Everything

Shoppers can choose to interact with stores in-person and online so what makes them want to come to your brick-and-mortar over other channels? Your team might have something to do with it.

Keep in Touch

Customers have endless retail options, so how can you stay top of mind? Interactive digital and social experiences can implant your brand in a shopper’s mind for life. Implementing new tactics using these platforms means you are fostering a loyal customer.

Even with the ease of online retailers, brick-and-mortar can still compete (and win) with the right tools.

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