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How Legacy POS Systems Are Holding Retailers Back 

The point-of-sale (POS) system has long been the beating heart of the retail store, but it's no longer working alone. Today's POS solutions are tasked with doing far more than traditional solutions, such as helping retailers recognize and reward customers.

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Legacy POS Holding Retailers Back Cover

Today's POS must accept mobile wallets and comply with strict payment requirements. They must move to where the customers are, whether shoppers are browsing the aisles or visiting a sidewalk event. And they must support omnichannel activities like click-and-collect or online returns with real-time access to sales and inventory.

While legacy POS platforms are not equipped to juggle these tasks, cloud-based POS platforms can handle these and more, and at a lower cost. In this whitepaper, you'll find guidance on: 

Integrating software to achieve omnichannel capabilities

Implementing modern POS capabilities

Making mobile a POS centerpiece

Achieving payment compliance

Don't let your legacy POS system hold you back.

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