Achieve Your Wireless Retail Growth Strategy
in the Cell Phone Industry

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Day 1

Increase Profits and Stay Competitive 

The wireless industry is ever-changing which means profitability can ebb and flow. Dealers are constantly looking for new ways to increase profits, to stay competitive, and remain top of mind with consumers. The first eCourse email reviews 8 steps to take to see profits and customer awareness skyrocket.

Day 2

Omnichannel, why it's Critically Important

Customers expect a more interactive shopping experience from retail stores, and wireless is no exception. With expectations and competition on the rise, use these pieces of advice to keep customers coming back for more. Never again say no to a customer in need.  

Day 3

What to Know When Looking for a POS

Whether you are looking for a POS right now or you’re noticing your program is lacking and are thinking about browsing around, you need to know what to look for. The whole process starts with you (and your team). What will it take for a new POS to be successful for your inner workings? Ask yourself these questions and you’ll know what a new POS has to have to empower your business.

Day 4

Components of a Successful POS Rollout 

You did it! You found the POS that your team will harness for success. Now you need a plan that is going to make your point of sale rollout as smooth as can be. Getting your ducks in a row is a must, for you, your employees, and your customers!

Day 5

Work With a Team of Experts 

Teamwork makes the dream work and when you have a team of experts on your side, you’re set up for success! A partnership with your new POS provider means a smoother and stronger implementation process. Knowing that they care about your business's success is a must-have for your new point of sale.

The Mind Behind the eCourse

Megan Slinn

Megan Slinn
Product Marketing Manager, iQmetrix

Empowering wireless retailers with information to help make them more successful is a top priority for Product Marketing Manager, Megan Slinn. Before starting with the Marketing team, Megan held multiple jobs at iQmetrix focusing on clients in Support, Client Management, and Professional Services. These roles allowed her to gain an appreciation of wireless dealers needs and wants, the issues they are faced with every day, and the need for iQmetrix to be a strategic partner. In her downtime Megan enjoys coaching rhythmic gymnastics, trying to find time to read a book, and patiently waiting for the new Game of Thrones season to start.