The Future is Anywhere:
2021 Trends in Telecom

Inaugural telecom retail trends report shares
fascinating results and predictions from across
North American wireless sector


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There’s only one group of people who know telecom retail better than iQmetrix, and that’s all the industry professionals working in telecom retail operations every day.

So for iQmetrix’s inaugural Trends in Telecom Retail Survey, we reached out to telecom retail professionals across the US and Canada to glean insights into the state of the sectorboth today’s trends, and predictions for what’s to come.

The results were extremely insightful. We learned that the telecom retailer of today is agile and responsive; robust and optimistic; innovative and adaptable. We discovered that the coronavirus pandemic radically changed the retail landscapetemporarily for the worse, perhaps, but arguably for the better in the long term.

More than anything else, our survey responses revealed that the future of telecom retail is in meeting the customer where they are. Retail operators are investing in innovative ways to sell anywhere, so that their customers can buy anywhere. In-store, online, via mobile, via social, via search, at big-box kiosks, at pop-up stores, and anywhere else.

The results also showed a highly bullish attitude among telecom retailers—perhaps surprisingly so, given the recent pandemic. Although continued economic uncertainty remains top of mind for most respondents, more than two-thirds are expecting to see increased retail revenues over the coming three years.

Stacy Hamer, Vice President of Client Experiences at iQmetrix, said, “Overall, these responses make up a very optimistic report—and one that predicts huge change, not a continuation of the status quo. It shows that authorized retailers and carriers are going to have to align with each other, invest in new product sales, and adopt new retail channels. It paints a transformational picture.”

Key findings at a glance

Trends in Telecom - Graphic-70

Nearly 70% of telecom retailers predict sales of new wireless devices will be higher in three years vs today

83.7% Trends in Telecom - Graphic-83predict sales of smart home and IoT-connected devices will be higher in three years vs today

Trends in Telecom - Graphic - 80

Almost 80% of telecom retailers have invested in buy/reserve online, pick up in-storeor plan to within three years

Trends in Telecom - Graphic -30

Nearly one-third have seen e-commerce retail revenues increase by at least double over the past year

Trends in Telecom - Graphic-87

87% have invested in engaging with customers via social platforms—or plan to within three years

89% Trends in Telecom - Graphic - 89predict more growth in buy/reserve online, pick up in-store solutions over the next five years 

Trends in Telecom - Graphic - 88

More than 88% predict a much greater focus on customer subscription and loyalty programs over the next five years


We would like to thank every one of our research participants, and we invite you all to enjoy the fascinating results by downloading the full PDF report—no form filling required.

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