Switch Over to RQ in 5 Easy Steps

Have you outgrown your current Specialty Retail POS?

Moving to a new POS and retail management platform can be daunting, no doubt.

There is a lot of planning and preparation involved, however, switching over to a powerful retail management platform comes with a ton of benefits that can ultimately take your specialty retail business to the next level. The good news is, if you’re considering switching over to RQ, iQmetrix’s POS and retail management system tailor-made for specialty retailers. We have an amazing team of experts who have launched 1,000s of specialty retailers who are here to ensure your switch to RQ goes smoothly and the transition is as easy as possible. Our variety of launch packages allow you to tailor your launch experience to do as much or as little of the work as you’d like.


  1. Why Switch?
  2. The 5 Step Plan

Why Switch?

RQ is a user friendly, cloud-based POS and Retail Management Solution that enables your team to manage day-to-day operations, so you can focus on growth.

RQ Scales With You

From one to 5,000 stores, RQ scales with you as you grow. RQ’s back-end operational tools make it easy to perform bulk edits for products and pricing and centrally manage your company tree, stores, regions, and security roles. View inventory in real time across the entire company and reserve inventory in any location. Our centralized customer database ensures you have a 360-degree view of your customers no matter where they shop. Our advanced reporting and analytics tools present data in a meaningful way while also providing the flexibility of creating custom reports to suit your specific needs.

Features to Help You Grow

Providing so much more than just a smooth checkout experience, RQ is a complete retail management solution, providing a single view of customer, inventory, and pricing information. View real-time reports, customer profiles, and inventory to serve your customers from anywhere in your store or monitor performance from anywhere in the world.

  • mPOS
  • CRM
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Loyalty & Marketing
  • HR
  • Email Receipts
  • Integrated gift cards
  • Endless Aisle
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • APIs (including e-commerce and Accounting connectors)

Partners to Help You Grow

Our ever-growing partner ecosystem and suite of integrated solutions allows you to efficiently deliver even greater customer experiences.

RQ integrated solutions include:

Experienced Team of Experts Dedicated to Your Success

At iQmetrix, we’ve always placed a great deal of value on our people. Our Professional Services team is made up of a group of passionate individuals who want to help your business succeed. When you go with RQ, you are choosing a dedicated business partner for life, not just a POS solution.

We know the launch period is critical to ensuring the successful implementation of our software within your business. Our team, who has expertise in launching 1,000s of specialty retailers of all shapes and sizes, will assess your specific needs and plan out a detailed launch plan for you, complete with responsibilities, milestones, timelines, and budgets. We will assist you at every step of the way – you and your staff will be more than ready for takeoff. After you have launched RQ, the support from our team doesn’t stop there.

Post launch services include:

Support No matter your question – from basic technical support, to more complex instructions about functionality, reporting, partner integrations, and more – we are here to help you grow your specialty retail business one step at a time.


Support Community

The iQmetrix Support Community site allows iQmetrix product
users to view help files and video, as well as submit feedback in a social, interactive format, which is accessible from anywhere.


Phone & Online Chat

North America: 1.888.888.8170 Mexico: 1.800.062.29

40 In case of after-hours emergencies, we also have on-call support experts available to assist you.


Email Support

Submit a support ticket to support@​iQmetrix.​com –this service is
accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


Developer Portal

All the resources developers need to kick-start e-commerce and POS API integrations.

Client Management

Your dedicated Client Manager is your direct iQmetrix contact. They are committed to your growth and understanding of our products and services. Client Managers take a collaborative approach to ensuring your success by conducting regular meetings to understand your business and suggest operational efficiencies, delivering database reviews to develop a growth plan, advocating your needs within iQmetrix, and providing suggestions for professional services options that suit your business needs.

Managed Services

Let us help you get to where your business needs to go. Whether or not you have the expertise or the capacity, we can help with the work. Our Professional Services team can work directly with your staff, update and create complex business intelligence (BI) reports, tune up your operational automations (e.g. inventory, price sheets, etc.), tweak your security settings, BI reports, etc. to help prevent fraud, and so much more!

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The 5 Step Plan

If you’re ready to join the 20,000 retail locations powered by RQ, all you have to do is follow these 5 steps and you’ll be up and running with RQ in no time.

Step 1: Demo

The first step involves requesting a demo so you have a chance to see our solution in action and check out all of the features and functionality we have to offer.

One of our account executives will reach out prior to your demo with some questions about your business to ensure that we provide a custom demo that is relevant to your industry and type of business as well as address any specific questions or areas of the software you want to focus on.

Step 2: Launch Kick-Off

Soon after you have signed your RQ contract, a member of our Launch team will schedule a call with you to review the launch process and timelines.

Part of this call will be to start the information gathering phase. Your Launch coach will review the inventory template and pricing sheets. Following that, you’ll fill out the templates and send them back to your coach.

Step 3: Database Set-up and Customization

The Launch team will import the data gathered during the previous stage and start setting up and customizing your RQ database. This includes employee commissions and security setup, discounting and overrides setup, business setting review, POS settings and options review, and finally, a full database review and access to a training database.

Step 4: Training

Time to start training on your new solution! RQ launch training will include three parts:

PART 1: Introduction to RQ Administrative Settings, including: Customizing Employee Roles, Security Settings, Company Defaults, Refund Policy, and Pricing Restrictions

PART 2: Introduction to Inventory Management processes in RQ, including: Creating New Products, Configuring Products for Carrier Pricing, Receiving Inventory using Purchase Orders, and Manually Adjusting Inventory Quantities

PART 3: Introduction to RQ Sales Flows, including: Sales, Refunds, Cashing in and out

Step 5: Go Live

Once your training has been complete, a member of our Launch team will schedule a one-on one Q&A session with you to ensure you have everything in place to go live. You will walk through the launch checklist step by step to ensure nothing has been missed.

Your launch rep will let your client manager know your go live date and you will have weekly calls for the first 4-6 weeks to ensure a smooth transition. Now you’re ready to get rocking with RQ!

So let’s kick off Step 1! Book your demo of RQ today.

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