[Webinar] Envysion - Survive the Season

As a retailer, the holiday season can be your best and busiest season all year. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. From employees trying to meet each and every customer demand while you aren’t able to predict how busy your store will be to ensure your staff, business, and customer are protected from fraud, you’ll realize almost immediately if you’re prepared for the holidays.

Envysion makes it easy to know that you’re ready. Their business intelligence video surveillance solution is far beyond your traditional camera and tape in-store video. This data-driven solution goes beyond basic surveillance to provide your business with the tools for holiday success. Accurately predict foot traffic with real-time insights and provide tangible feedback and learning to your employees so they can create an even better in-store customer experience. It’s easy, with Envysion.

Watch this webinar to hear it from the experts themselves!

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