Using BI Data in Excel

(Co-written by Ashia Coleman)

Did you know that you can access your BI data in Microsoft Excel? Excel is a great way to satisfy your ad hoc reporting needs!

Now of course, there are pros and cons to every reporting platform and there are scenarios in which one is more suitable than the other. (See image below.)


So how do you go about accessing your data via Excel?

To watch our step-by-step walkthrough, visit:
Access Password: metrics

  1. You must be currently subscribed to our BI service.
  2. Send an email to support@​iqmetrix.​com including a message similar to the example below: 
    1. Hello, we would like our server information to connect to BI via Excel. Our database name is ____.
  3. Once you have received your server name, open Excel (version 2010 or later).
  4. On the Data Tab > From Other Sources, select From Analysis Services.” (See image below.)Using_BI_Data_in_Excel_Image_2.jpg
  5. Fill in the server name provided by the support team and your BI credentials: 
    1. User name: First.Last@DBName
    2. Password: RQ Password
    3. Click Next.”
  6. Select the Cube you would like to browse and click Next.”
  7. Check the box that says Save password in file.” Answer yes” to the prompt.
  8. Click Finish.”

Now you’re ready to start browsing your data! The data environment will look and feel like creating pivot tables. This drag-and-drop environment will make your ad hoc experience much faster and more efficient.

Watch our tutorial to see these steps plus a report example!
Access Password: metrics

If you have any questions about this feature, email us at support@​iQmetrix.​com.