Trade-In Tips to Boost Your Sales

As we lead into the holiday season – Black Friday & Christmas – our trade-in partners wanted to provide some useful tips to make sure that you maximize your profit potential during this time. Integrated trade-in programs are an important tool to utilize in order to overcome customer objections to upgrade costs, as well as put money in their pocket to, in turn, apply to further purchases on accessories within your store.

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The RQ integration allows a sales person to quickly and easily take care of customers, while also ensuring they are able to take full advantage of every possible promotion for which they are eligible.

The best way to efficiently combine sales of new phones with the mobile trade-in program is to integrate those transactions in a point-of-sale system.”

All-too-often, an in-house trade-in program is used. While this may seem like a viable alternative, it doesn’t provide the immediate benefits and ease of use that an integrated trade-in program does. Additionally, our partners are able to provide expertise from their many years within the industry.

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Company-wide usage of trade-in by your sales staff is paramount to the success of your trade-in program. Making sure that this is always top-of-mind during their sales flow will ensure that you’re optimizing the use of the program.

The only overarching trick is to ensure sales staff understand the value of trade-in and ask every customer, every time. Our program takes care of everything else.”

Once you get to a point where your sales staff are positioning trade-in every time, to every customer, you’re on the right path to optimizing the benefits of the program. 

iQmetrix, and our partners, hope these tips will help you optimize your trade-in usage throughout this holiday season. For more information on our trade-in partners, or the trade-in program in general, please click the link below.