Top 10 New RQ Features From 2014

2014 has come and gone! Here’s a look back at the top 10 new features we added to our retail management solution, RQ. 

  1. Emailing out of RQ: This feature has existed for some time, but less than 1% of customers are getting their emails collected at the POS,” said Stacy. It’s underused!” (25% of customers opt in to receiving an e-receipt.)
  2. eReceipts: Our partner Chatterspot is helping us integrate this feature within RQ. We can add promotional messaging, add-on items and other information to the e-receipt itself.”
  3. Tax Reporting: We have a nice and clean interface for managing your taxes. Only 6 columns instead of a crazy amount of columns. This is a game changer, people.”
  4. Design Improvements: We’ve enhanced the view and process for creating and managing entries for both Customer and Employee profiles,” said Ken. The Sales screen is probably the most important screen in RQ -- we wanted to nail the user experience here. Things look different, but it should remain familiar whether you’re still new to RQ or an RQ veteran.”
  5. Cash Transactions: When you think about how far we’ve come in cashouts and cash rules, we’ve come a long way,” said Stacy. We’ve created a new wizard to ensure cash info and staff IDs are entered every time -- we wanted to make it almost impossible to mess up.”
  6. Targets: Everyone in this room sets targets in this room, but only 12% put those targets into RQ. You use the dashboard, but you don’t know how performance relates to set targets.”
  7. Attachment Rates: You can now divide your attachments between accessories and handsets, so you can see that 3-to-1 ratio. So your employees can see this, see where they’re trending, all real-time and all in RQ.”
  8. Settings Design: We’re improved the search feature, so you can launch company settings, and contextual search (e.g. not forced cash” but required cash” settings) and jump to where you need to go, without getting lost,” Ken explained.”
  9. Milestones & Attachment Rates: When we bring Attachment Rates into our Milestones module, now, we want to show employees’ progress to set targets, for each category: activations, tablets, handsets, trade-in, handset protection, etc.” said Stacy.
  10. Coupons: We created a coupon module so you can create a coupon and manage it more easily within the system. And right from the module, you can assign percentage discounts for bulk purchases.”