Tips for Handling Power and Internet Outages

During a power or Internet outage, you will still need to be able to process sales transactions within your stores. In order to help you prepare for these situations, we have created a list of items you should have in an emergency box” in case of emergency situations.

Items you should have in your store’s emergency box include:

RQ Phone Pricing Grid (print out): If your power or Internet isn’t working, then RQ isn’t working either. Unless your employees have the phone prices memorized, you should print off a new grid after each price change, so that your employees have the phone prices available in case of an outage.

  • To print this off, go to Inventory – Tools – Update Carrier Pricing sheet.
  • Open your pricing sheet up.
  • Go to the Hardware Prices and Equipment Rebates tab.
  • Export it to Excel, remove the Equipment Rebates column (if necessary).
  • Print this grid off.

Manual Invoices: Each store should have an invoice book, so that staff can create customer invoices in case of emergency.

Calculator: Employees always use the calculator on their computer to do any math. In case of a power outage, it is a good idea to have a calculator in the box for times when their computer is down.

Manual credit card swipes, card paper and the phone numbers for Phone Authorization. This is essential if you are using Integrated Payment Processing within RQ -- if the Internet is down, you will not be able to process RQ Invoices or take credit card payments. Manual credit card swipes allow you to take an imprint of the customer credit card.

Physical contracts from your carrier along with phone numbers for manual contract processing. You will still need to process Activations during an Internet outage, so having physical contracts available for your customers to sign will ensure your sales staff can still process Activations.

After you receive power/​Internet again:

Depending on your carrier, your employees may have to enter each Activation into the Carriers Activation Portal. (Some don’t accept physical contracts but are OK with you using a physical contract in emergency situations, as long as it is manually entered afterwards.)

Processing Transactions into RQ:

For any Cash Transactions, you can process these as a normal RQ transaction.

For any Credit Card Transactions (if you are using Integrated Payment Processing), you will need to take the following steps:

  • Process the sale through as Normal.
  • When the Swipe card dialogue box comes up, choose Manual Entry.
  • Manual Entry allows you to process a credit card in RQ without processing a 2nd charge to the card.