Three Steps to Evaluating if You Have the Right Marketing Platform

Each customer has a lifecycle and within each lifecycle are points that shape and ultimately lead to purchasing decisions.

An important part for a company is to identify and develop a strategy to contact their customers in those shaping moments. Below are the three steps to evaluating if you have the right marketing platform to properly reach your customers at those points.

1. Most companies have identified the lifecycle of their customers. Your marketing platform should also help you identify points in your customer’s lifecycle that you want to communicate with them. The key to this activity is to find the platform that enables a set it and forget it” feature that truly automates your contact throughout the customer lifecycle.

2. Each business has events, promotions, product launches and other needs to communicate with customers outside of the automated messages within their lifecycle. Ensure that your platform has the ability to segment your customer base how you want it to be segmented utilizing custom filtering. Examples of this could be customers who purchased with the last so many days or customers who have purchased a particular brand in the past and so on. This enables communication to be highly customized.

3. In marketing there is not a size fit all approach. It is important to find a platform that facilitates communication with your customers in the method that are most effectives. Ensuring that your marketing platform does this is vital. For example, if you have customers who have email addresses but hardly read their email then email shouldn’t be the primary method of contact, perhaps social media or text messaging is better for them.

*TEGA Technologies is the creator of Chatterspot, a market leading marketing automation platform.