The Aged Serial # Status Widget


This is one of my top five must-have widgets on the home screen.

This widget is designed to help your sales staff identify which device should be sold based on how long it has been in stock.


GREEN light means it’s good to sell.


RED light means there is an older device of the same model instock that should be sold first.

The widget even shows your staff which ESN/IMEI is older that they should be sold first.

Aged Serial Sales Status Report

Managers, want to know who is selling newer stock and not using the Aged Serial # Status Widget? 

Checkout the Aged Serial Sales Status Report and mark it as a favorite report. 


Filter this report by the oldest” column and see the sales staff that sold a newer device and who is clearly not using the widget. We all know the rule first-in-first-out and this report will help you coach your staff and manage your stock appropriate.