Tablets and Smartphones Assist in Holiday Shopping [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week (Dec. 8) reported new stats from a Google/​Ipsos holiday shopping study.

The most interesting finding: 77% of tablet owners plan to use them for online holiday shopping (compared with 54% who plan to shop via smartphone). The explanation for this disparity is pretty simple -- it’s just easier to shop on a tablet than on a phone.

This study was a nice follow-up to a similar Google/​Ipsos study of smartphone-assisted shopping released last April.

Also worth noting is the number of respondents (54%) who intend to use their tablets for in-store shopping. Aren’t they a little cumbersome for that?

eMarketer also referenced another study, from Prosper Mobile Insights, that examined not only how consumers plan to use tablets and smartphones to help them shop, but also what they’re shopping for.

My colleague, Cole Ecklund, took the numbers from both studies and put together a sweet infographic (below) comparing the findings.


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