Solutions for Holiday Success

iQmetrix solutions and integrated partners are a key part to supporting customers at every stage of their holiday shopping journey.

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Through online search, a customer finds out that a store near them has the product they are looking for. They look for product information, store hours, and reviews of the service provided at various telecom retail locations to see where they will get the best experience.

Your complete product catalog — and availability — on Google search result pages for prospective shoppers in your area which increases in-store traffic.

Clients who get started with Pointy from Google will get a $100 ad credit per store to put towards advertising their inventory to shoppers close by!

Holiday lineups are a pain and can ruin a customer’s experience. Queue Management lets customers join a virtual queue, so they can go about their day and return only when they are the next in line. No more waiting in-store to make a purchase.

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Shiftlab is a retail solution that elevates the scheduling process with automation that seamlessly aligns employee scheduling and sales. This means that POS data and associate analytics are paired together to create a schedule that strategically leverages the skills of a store’s workforce. When a customer walks into a store, the right staff are scheduled to provide the best possible experience in-store.


Employees are motivated and ready to help each customer thanks to Arcade, the workforce management tool that gamifies engagement so that associates are always in peak performance.

  • iQmetrix clients can sign up for Arcade today and receive a waived setup fee, 25% lifetime discount, and 90-day satisfaction guarantee. 

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The customer wants a speedy check-out process, so they request a contactless payment method. Remote Pay enables customers to pay for in-store purchases on their mobile device which not only is faster than traditional transactions, it also supports social distancing and gives customers who forget their wallet or prefer to pay digitally a method of completing the transaction.

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The holidays are an expensive time, and the burden on a customer’s wallet can be heavy. The customer wants to split the cost into periodic payments to alleviate the burden. PayBright offers purchase financing to keep the holidays happy and worry free.

Sign up before December 31, 2021 to get 0% APR on 12 and 24-month terms for reduced merchant fees.

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A customer wants both a fast, distanced payment process and financing options to help pay for their purchase. Using the Remote Pay and PayBright flows together, the associate can provide both payment methods, bringing even more meaning to the phrase flexible payments.’ 

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TracPoint REVV effectively captures post-purchase reviews in near-real time by asking customers to leave a five-star review. REVV lets your customers turn into advocates for your brand and help you attract new business.

  • For a limited time, clients who enable Pointy from Google will have their REVV setup fees waived PLUS one month free. But only if Pointy clients sign up for REVV before December 31, 2021 — so now’s the time!


A successful holiday season begins and ends with the customer. Supporting their shopping journey at every turn will mean more sales closed and more satisfied holiday shoppers.