Sales Associate Training Tips for the New Year

When it comes to training your team on a local or national level, many retailers have numerous questions about how to execute. Where are we going to train? Who is going to develop the content? How frequently should we train and who will be on the sales floor if everyone is training?Start the new year by introducing your employees to SellPro, a mobile-first, incentivized training platform and iQmetrix partner, that can address the training hurdles you encounter every day.

SellPro is the ideal platform for retailers big and small.

All iQmetrix customers now have the opportunity to take advantage of this training platform at ZERO cost and no additional resources needed to implement. With SellPro your employees can have a catalogue of RQ and manufacturer training courses in the palms of their hands by simply downloading the app and creating their profile.

Training doesn’t have to be difficult and training can definitely be fun.”

Train Anywhere, Everywhere. At Any Time.

When you utilize SellPro’s mobile training platform, there are no limits or restrictions to when or where employees can train. Mobile training keeps employees on the sales floor and not in conference or break rooms. The courses are designed to be easily digestible; so that employees can complete a training course in-between customer interactions, during a commercial break while watching TV, while heating up leftovers, anytime they have a few minutes to spare.

SellPro incentivizes and encourages learning.

Most of the time, training is mandatory. Your best employees appreciate the opportunity to learn and get better, while some members of your team might consider training akin to pulling teeth. SellPro recognizes this and has added the one ingredient that seems to work for all types of employees — AWARDS. With each course completed your employee will unlock the opportunity to earn awards. The initial incentive is the award, but over time, employees log on just to see what’s new.

Contact your iQmetrix Account Manager today to show you just how easy it is to get your team to become SellPros!