RQ Tips: Send Customer Emails from Location Email Address

In RQ, it is now possible to have invoices and other communications sent from a specified store email address rather than from the representative logged in at the time.

This feature is useful to provide a consistent customer experience, especially if employees are set up with email addresses in RQ that deviate from the branding of your company. For example, an email from CustomerService@​PeakRetail.​com is likely more appropriate than an email from ILikeSpaghetti@​WeirdoFoodJam.​com. This is unless, of course, your company is an expert in weirdo spaghetti recipes!

To put the company location email feature in play, select the Location Settings tab in Location Setup and check the Send Customer Emails from Location Email Address” setting.

Happy selling!


For more information on this or other RQ features and functionality, email training@​iQmetrix.​com or contact your Account Manager directly.