RQ Tips: Reconciling Carrier Commissions

When using the Reconcile Vendor Rebates tool in RQ, you can use the search filters to find specific items or to simply filter something out that you do not want to see.

Using the > (Greater than), < (Less than), or = (Equal) signs will help to filter the data as well.


Using this in the Amount, Collected, or Balance columns allows for filtering for values greater than or less than a specific dollar value. 

This can be used in many different places in the tool. It can be in the numerical fields or in any field where there is a need to only view specific information. Using it in the text fields allows for filtering for values that are empty, or not.


Using the filter options in RQ allows for easier reconciliation of commission payments received from the carrier. If you are interested in learning more about the reconciliation tool in RQ there is a program that will provide you with the tools needed to be efficient when processing the commissions in RQ.

The Hands-On Reconciliation program offers one-on-one training with a specialist in commission reconciliation.

For more information, email training@​iQmetrix.​com.