RQ Tips: G/L Account Mapping on Products


There are several places in RQ where G/L Accounts are mapped, however, much of the mapping is done on each SKU. Depending on the type of product, there are up to four accounts mapped per SKU. These include accounts such as income, cost of goods, inventory, and inventory corrections. Of course, they can be accessed and changed per SKU in the inventory console, but there is a much more efficient way. 

The product master lists can be used to make mass changes to product G/L mapping or to just audit the current mapping. Master lists for Vendor Rebate, Non-Stocked, and Regular products can be found in the reports console or the inventory console. 

Once you have searched for a group of products, the search filters can be used to audit the current mapping. For a particular G/L Account column, enter NOT” followed by the correct account number in the search filter to see all products mapped to an incorrect account. Then use the mass set tools in the upper right corner of the window to change the filtered products to the appropriate account. Also, keep the product master lists in mind when other mass changes need to be done to inventory products. They may save you a lot of time!

If you have any questions about this feature or RQ Reporting in general, please contact your Account Manager directly.