RQ Tips: G/L Account Activity Report

The G/L Account Activity Report is our main accounting report in RQ. It is used to access the QuickBooks and Great Plains exports, but is also great for general ledger reporting and auditing.

After running the report for the desired date range, click the View Company Detail” button in the upper left corner. This will show detailed general ledger activity for all locations for the same date range chosen when running the report. Turn on the search filter option by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. 


This is a great tool for analyzing and auditing. You can filter by a G/L account, location, specific debit or credit value, or source type (Invoice, Transfer, Cash Out, PO Receipt, etc.). For example, enter a specific invoice number in the search field and see all debits and credits in every account impacted by that invoice. Or just filter by a certain account number to see the debit and credit total just for that account.

At any time, you can export just the filtered view to Excel. This will allow you to analyze how transactions in RQ are impacting your general ledger and ultimately your company’s financial reporting.

If you have any questions about this feature or RQ Reporting in general, please contact your Account Manager directly.