RQ Reports: Hidden features

In this edition, we will highlight several hidden features within the RQ reports module: Customizing and Sharing.

Did you know? Almost all of the RQ reports can be customized and modified based on the way you wish to view the report. You can also modify it to any other group that you wish to share it with. You decide how the report should look and who has access to these customizations. Other users are allowed to view the reports you have customized, but don’t have to spend the time to create it.

Drag and drop the Freeze Columns marker to easily freeze any column to the left of the marker. This is very helpful for reports that may have many columns.



Use the Configure Columns wheel to format your report based on certain criteria, such as <, >, = or search and format for a specific number or word.


Now the report is customized in a way that makes sense for you… Have you ever wanted to share these customized reports with other groups? Now you can.

Once a report has been customized to your specs, it can be saved along with its special formatting by selecting Add To Custom Reports.”


Create a customized report name and description for your report. Use the default date range to easily run the customized report for a specific date range each time the report is opened.

SHARE the report with members of any other HR role!


Access your custom reports from the Custom Reports” section in the reports module. You can also see what reports have been shared and with what roles.


To learn more about RQ Reporting, be sure to visit our iQmetrix WebEx site and register for an upcoming live webinar.