Phone Activation Wizard (PAW)

I sat down with iQmetrix Customer Success Manager Carma Young and asked her for some RQ Tips to help users get the most out of the software.

She said the following three RQ features are worth taking a closer look at:

  1. The ability to use the Phone Activation Wizard (PAW) within Sales Orders: Clients love this because their salespeople are able to tell the customer exactly how much they owe,” says Carma.
  2. The option of an additional SPIFF in the Price Sheet: This is helpful because users can add more than one SPIFF on a phone and it’s all done in one centralized place -- which eliminates the need for multiple Price Sheet Promotions.”
  3. The ability to Lock RQ -- using CTRL L and setting by time: This is used to prevent other salespeople from doing sales under the wrong logged in user -- which reduces security risks.”

1. The ability to use the Phone Activation Wizard (PAW) within Sales Orders:


- The PAW will launch within Sales Orders.
- To activate this new feature, it has to be turned on for the location at which you want it available. Go to Settings»Company Setup»Location Setup.

2. The option of an additional SPIFF in the Price Sheet:


- Adding the SPIFF option to the price sheet will reduce the number of complicated promotions offered by carriers. If there is a SPIFF based solely on the term, this solution will apply.

3. The ability to lock RQ -- using CTRL L and setting by time:


- The Lock Screen in RQ allows users to keep company information safe by securing an instance of RQ when the workstation is not in use. A specific time-out can be set to activate the Lock Screen after the workstation has been inactive. Alternatively, any RQ user is able to secure their workstation at any time using built-in keyboard shortcuts, which will instantly lock their instance of RQ. Once verified –- by either entering their password or scanning their finger -- the user is able to unlock RQ and continue their work right where they left off, without having to log out and log back in.
- To set this up, you can go to Employees Console»Role Management»Under that Role, where you can check the check box to enable it and enter in the idle time.


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To access the Support & Community site:

  • First-time login: You must go through RQ to access the Support & Community site.
  • Go to the Support tab in the upper-right corner and click on Community & Support.
  • After that: You can access the Support & Community site from any device, using the following URL:

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A note for IT administrators:
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