Move Items to Non-Sellable in a Committed Count Sheet

In RQ Version 5.13 you will have the ability to move items to a Non-Sellable Status in a Committed Count Sheet once the count sheet has been committed and you are reviewing the variances. 

You can now move those variances to Non-Sellable by clicking the Adjust to Non-Sellable button at the top of the page. 

Why is this so great? 

In the past the only option to correct the variances was to Quantity Adjust them out of the inventory. Now that we can move them to Non-Sellable, this allows you to not just correct the In-Stock quantity but to also give you time to investigate to why those items were not found. 

Most clients want to look into this further to see why their invested inventory is vanishing. In some cases, the item will turn up! Now that the items are in Non-Sellable status, we can easily move them back to In-Stock status or Quantity Adjust them out of RQ.