Motivating Staff with Sales Contests


It’s time, folks. The holiday season is coming at us faster than our summer tans are fading… Holiday creep is officially a real thing. In 2014, 48% of shoppers (up from 40% in 2013) surveyed by Google indicated they did their shopping on Cyber Monday or sooner[1]. Preparing sales staff for the rush of holiday shoppers can be stressful. How can you help your associates stay focused, motivated and avoid burnout?

48% of shoppers did their shopping on Cyber Monday or sooner.

Stores who operate with a commission or other incentive structure for sales staff can boost their holiday sales (and any other busy season or a day that ends in y”) by incorporating simple sales contests and milestones that not only create a fun challenge but also help sales staff take control of their goals and maximize their performance.

Sales contests and milestones are features within our RQ Retail Management software. With RQ, sales staff have access to a one-click option right on the desktop where they can see their individual progress towards their milestones and overall goals. Furthermore, they can see that info in a tiered format that includes what their goals are and their rewards and prizes for each tier. It’s an easy, simple and clean format that doesn’t require a report to be pulled!

Any metric that is important to you in your business can be set up as a performance group that in turn drives a milestone.

What these milestones and tiers are is entirely up to you. These can be sales, quantity, profit, revenue or even attachment rate based by either percentage or ratio. Any metric that is important to you in your business can be set up as a performance group that in turn drives a milestone. If you set up a performance group based on a set of SKUs and you add a new product, that product automatically becomes a part of the performance group and the milestone.

The length of the contest or milestone is also customizable. Set a goal for the holiday season, the quarter or for a short-term event like a new phone launch.


The reward for reaching those milestones is also entirely up to you. The prize could be a gift card, vacation day, a motivational message or cash. Cash rolls into RQ right into the commission details. So every time an associate hits a tier or milestone, they get paid real money.

Having these features built into your POS keeps it in your face as it becomes automatic. The milestones feature is locked on the desktop so sales staff instantly know where to find it. Ideally, it’s the first place the sales rep will go every morning. Having these visual cues and being able to see your progress in real-time sure beats the old-school manual methods.


(Don’t worry… we won’t tell anyone if you just made a mad dash to toss out your whiteboard.)

Your sales associates will stay motivated through the holiday rush with instant gratification for seeing their rewards or commission roll into RQ as they hit their milestones and you’ll save time running reports and updating that whiteboard!

Let the contests begin! Learn more about RQ, our cell phone store POS system.

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