Little Gadgets, Big Splash

Mobile accessories. From Bluetooth® speakers to headphones and even phone cases, these little guys have come a long way. But don’t be fooled by their size — these near ubiquitous gadgets pack a big punch, proving ability to not only impact consumer lifestyles, but also a retailer’s bottom line.

So much so in fact, that they cover some retailers’ operational costs altogether! People aren’t just grabbing accessories at the counter on their way out the door with their new iPhones; they’re actually seeking out specific add-ons to purchase.

You can take advantage of this growing segment by giving your customers the protection they need for the little tech toys they love.

Introducing ProtectCELL Accessory™ by Fortegra

Part of the Fortegra mobile protection lineup, ProtectCELL Accessory safeguards all kinds of accessories against inevitable everyday mishaps — and provides retailers with a fresh revenue opportunity!

  • Premium protection for Bluetooth speakers and headphones, power accessories, fitness accessories, smartwatches, and smartphone lenses
  • Premium protection against mechanical failure, and physical or liquid damage
  • Direct-to-consumer, drop shipped covered accessories through iQmetrix’s dropship flow in their RQ and interactive retail applications
  • Pricing tiers: from $39.99 to $1100
  • Zero deductibles
  • Dealer commissions on every sale

* ProtectCELL Accessory™ does not include coverage for non-power accessories or loss/​theft.

They’re more than just toys. Help your customers treat them that way with ProtectCELL Accessory.

Learn more about ProtectCELL Accessory and the entire Fortegra lineup by connecting with them at CTIA.