[Infographic] Platform’ for Omnichannel Success

iQmetrix, a leading provider of retail management and interactive retail software, published an infographic with Retail TouchPoints called A Platform For Omnichannel Success” (view full infographic below).

The infographic content is based on a more extensive whitepaper entitled Omnichannel Retail Moves from Channel to Platform,” which iQmetrix also published in collaboration with Retail TouchPoints.

Highlights from both the whitepaper and infographic include:

  • How Today’s Consumers are Shopping: (Various stats)
  • Retailers’ Omnichannel Aspirations: (Various stats)
  • The Omnichannel Delivery Gap: (Various stats)
  • Conclusion: Retailers want to improve their ability to deliver omnichannel experiences. By adopting sophisticated platform technology, they can facilitate the delivery of omnichannel experiences to customers.

View the full whitepaper, Omnichannel Retail Moves from Channel to Platform.


About iQmetrix:
Founded by wireless retailers, iQmetrix is the leading provider of innovative software solutions for the wireless market. With platform-built, metrics-driven products from POS and full-suite retail management software, to endless aisle, drop ship, e-commerce, and digital signage, iQmetrix has taken its unique understanding of the pain points in the industry to create better experiences for wireless retailers and their customers. Currently powering over 19,000 wireless locations, iQmetrix is a software as a service (SaaS) company with offices in Canada and the U.S. www.iQmetrix.com

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