InComm in 2015: Transforming Bill Pay with Innovation and Customer Service

InComm (formerly Qpay) is one of iQmetrix’s three bill pay partners. We recently sat down with InComm’s Director of Business Development, Joe Parks, to find out what’s new and exciting about InComm’s bill pay offering through RQ.

Hi Joe, I understand there are a couple of big announcements you’d like to make, related to the InComm integration with RQ. What can you tell us about these developments?

InComm Agent Solutions (IAS) has launched and it’s now an over the counter solution with InComm.Sprint. It is fully integrated with RQ and has all the functionality you would expect from 

How does IAS work and what benefits does it offer RQ users?

IAS offers RQ users the benefits of a very knowledgeable, and nationwide field team to perform problem solving, training and overall personalized account management.

We offer competitive rates, great customer service, training and local support nationwide.

Please give us a bit of background on InComm: How the company was founded and what makes your company different from other bill pay providers?

InComm began in 1992 rather simply, in a garage with a single computer generating a single point-of-sale terminal integration. Since then, our company has grown to be the market leader in new payment technologies and solutions.

Innovation has been the foundation on which InComm has grown. With more than 186 domestic and international patents, our technology has helped form a new brand of commerce that includes gift cards, prepaid wireless products, reloadable debit cards, digital music downloads and various payment solutions.

In 2011, InComm purchased Qpay and has transformed the name to InComm Agent Solutions, bringing the power of InComm innovation and the payment solution of Qpay together to form one great company.

What are InComm’s company goals for 2015?

To transform the industry with innovation and customer service.

How do iQmetrix clients fit within these objectives?

The payment solution is a choice, and IAS would like to be partnered with all of iQmetrix’s end consumers to give them that flexibility.

If an iQmetrix client would like to set up service with InComm, how should they go about doing that?

Please feel free to contact me directly:

Joseph Parks
Director of Business Development
(817) 729-7457