In Time for Spring Break: RTR Solves Common ePin Problems

The first two weeks of March are typically the Spring Break period for U.S. colleges. Given that students are among the biggest consumers of prepaid minutes, it’s a great time for wireless retailers to sell ePins.

And with the recent launch of AT&T and Verizon’s real-time replenishment (RTR) prepaid integration, selling eprepaid minutes just got a lot easier.

Previously, it was simple enough to use the integrated ePin service -- sell a SKU, print a pin. But since the RTR update, we’ve been getting great feedback from clients about how it works.

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The integrated RTR service means an almost instant posting of minutes to the appropriate account for a prepaid subscriber’s service. When clients were deciding if they wanted to invest time in trying something new, the questions that came out were common across the board:

  • And what if they put it on the wrong number? Answer: Error message if that number doesn’t exist with that carrier.
  • And what if it’s postpaid account? Answer: Error message if it’s not a valid account.
  • And what if it’s the wrong carrier? Answer: Error message if it’s not a valid account. 

You would be surprised how often someone buys an AT&T pin only to realize that they are T-Mobile or Verizon. Sometimes they are even post-paid,” said one of our clients.

Another client told us, We currently have a problem with reps selling ePins to customers that are actually postpaid subscribers.”

  • By entering in the phone number into this system, if the customer is on postpaid, will the system prompt the rep that the customer is not a prepaid customer? It sure will.

It seemed like such a small thing, but as more and more clients inquired about the new functionality, we realized it was really going to solve a number of pain points. 

It’s amazing the difference a small automated step can make for customer experience.