HR Metrics: Employee Tenure

Have you ever wondered which of your employees has worked with you the longest?

Well, you can actually use BI to not only determine tenure, but also to track it as an employee metric.

Understanding how long employees have worked for you is useful when forecasting and also for overall HR management. Read on and learn how to use start date, employee ID and number of days hired.

  1. Begin by opening template 100 - smp - Date Single Day.”
  2. Right click and choose Save As” to name your report Employee Tenure.
  3. Next, open the query builder.
  4. Right click on the data in view to clear all.”
  5. Navigate to the employee measures group.
    a) Open up that measure group and enter Start Date.” Also in the same folder you will find Employee ID” and Employee Primary Location Assignment.”
    b) Next, from the HR Measures, add in “# of Days Hired.”
  6. To report by Employee, we will need to add Employee Name to the query and delete the existing category and product filter -- it is not needed! (See below screenshot.)
  7. Choose OK” to move on to the design screen.
  8. From within the design screen, drag your values onto the existing table, removing the items you don’t need, and you are done!

Some useful tips to expand on this report:

  • Try using your Row Sort to easily see who’s worked with you the longest.
  • Create a calculated measure off of # of Days Hiredto determine years of service (# of Days Hired/​365 ) – filter for greater or less than a certain number of days.
  • Add some more filtering for commission or security groups.
  • Set up an email subscription for your audit team to help them stay on top of Primary Location and Employee ID setup during onboarding.

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