How to use the What if? Widget

In this article, I am going to cover a recent addition to version 4.4 of our RQ Retail Management solution: the What if? Widget.”

What if? Widget

One of the most interesting new items added in RQ4.4 is the What if? Widget.” This Widget allows your sales associates to view the commissions they stand to make on a sale. To fully utilize the What if? Widget, there is some setup involved. In order to get the Features and Accessories tabs to populate, you’ll need to ensure that your Features are linked to Rate Plan Compatibility, and Accessories are linked to Phone Compatibility.

a) Compatibility setup
If you are not using compatibility, the instructions on how to set this up are below. When using compatibility in your database, during a phone sale, the Phone Activation Wizard will pop up 2 more screens. The first screen will prompt a list of features for employees to choose from and the second will prompt a list of accessories to choose from, based on Rate Plan and Phone compatibility. Compatibility not only allows the What if? Widget” to function fully, but will increase speed at the point of sale.



You can do this through the Rate Plan (add feature) or the Phone (add accessory) or through the Feature (tell it which rate plan it works with) or the Accessory (tell it which phone it should be sold with). Please note: There is no way to tell the system when a particular phone AND rate plan are sold on an invoice, then make this particular accessory or feature available to sell.

a.1. To set compatibility from the Phone or Rate Plan, go into any rate plan/​phone, go to the Compatibility tab and then choose the Accessories or Features to populate when this Phone or Rate Plan is sold, making sure to put a checkmark on Suggested sell.

Example of a phone’s compatibility list:


a.2. To set cross-compatibility from the Accessory or Feature, go into any accessory or feature, go to the Compatibility tab, then choose Cross Compatibility and choose the Phones and Rate Plans that this item should be added to, making sure to put a checkmark on Suggested sell.

Example of an accessory’s cross-compatibility:


b) Widget Locking

To lock a widget to the employee’s home screen, you will want to go into Settings » Human Resources » Role Management, choose the employee level, then click the Widgets Tab, add the Widget and lock them in place.


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