Grow Smarter: How BI transformed how Connect Wireless does business (2 of 2)

In Part One of Connect Wireless’ real-world case study, Grow Smarter: How iQmetrix BI helped Connect Wireless steer the business forward, Graham Taylor, the company’s IT Administrator detailed how BI helped move the organization through an acquisition and realize tremendous growth. From the beginning of Connect Wireless’ implementation of BI through the acquisition, BI proved to be a valuable tool at every level of the company – creating a better experience for sales reps and managers by increasing insight and aligning individual, store and corporate goals. 

The Problem: Post-acquisition, Connect Wireless needed to take its reporting and performance to the next level. The new stores has previously operated under a completely different culture with different processes.

The Solution: BI helped Connect Wireless bring the two companies together and transform the way it does business, in terms of culture, performance (sales), and transparency (reporting).

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