Getting to Know Heartland: Q&A with Sara Dube

Getting_to_Know_Heartland_Image_1.jpgiQmetrix works with a number of payment processing partners whose services integrate with RQ Retail Management. One of those partners is Heartland.

We recently sat down with Sara Dube, a Senior Relationship Manager with Heartland, to get a better understanding of who Heartland is, what makes their company unique, and how they can help your business become more successful.

Hi Sara. Please give us a bit of background on Heartland. Where and when was the company founded? What makes Heartland different from other payment processors?

In 1997, Bob Carr founded Heartland on the believe that business owners deserve a payment processing option based on honesty, transparency and fairness. Treat customers well and success will follow has been a guiding principle, and the results have been apparent for nearly two decades.

Based in Princeton, N.J., Heartland has grown to become one of the largest payment processors in the U.S. We serve nearly 400,000 businesses and educational institutions across the country. Over the years, the variety of products and services have expanded to payroll, point of sale (POS), exceptional security and much more — encompassed by the core mission of serving as a customer advocate. This mission is critical to all that we do as a company.

To that end, Heartland introduced the Merchant Bill of Rights,” a codified list of expectations as to how business owners should be treated. The fervent belief that fair treatment creates an environment where all parties can succeed has guided Heartland in becoming an industry leader in customer advocacy.

Heartland’s Merchant Bill of Rights:
The right to…

  • Know the fee for every card transaction — and who’s charging it
  • Know all the card brand markups and fee increases
  • Know all card brand free reductions
  • Know all surcharges and bill-backs
  • Real-time dedicated service
  • Encrypted card numbers and secure transactions
  • Real-time fraud and transaction monitoring
  • Reasonable equipment costs
  • Live customer support 24÷7÷365

What are Heartland’s company goals for 2015? How do iQmetrix clients fit within these objectives?

  1. Be a customer advocate in everything we do.
  2. Provide the best security solutions possible.
  3. Forge and build critical partnerships both internally and with business owners and educational institutions.
  4. Continue expanding our breadth and depth of service.

Do you have some examples of iQmetrix client/​Heartland success stories that you’d like to share?

They are all success stories! Many business owners who use a stand-alone terminal are working with resellers” of credit card service who use a third-party platform. When they integrated with RQ and Heartland, for the first time, merchants will understand their monthly statement, benefit from negotiated pricing without having to worry about junk fees, and know that a live representative will answer their call 24÷7÷365. All of this, while processing through the most secure processor in the industry, is a successful partnership.

What are some exciting Heartland news items that you’d like our clients to hear about?

Heartland Secure and the Breach Warranty
Heartland Secure is a comprehensive card data security solution that protects business owners against the ever-evolving sophistication of today’s cybercriminal. Backed by the most comprehensive breach warranty in the industry. Heartland is able to protect credit card data from the moment a card is used. EMV acceptance, tokenization, and encryption are the triangle of security that Heartland offers.

Heartland Payroll
Payroll is quickly becoming Heartland’s fastest growing service for our customers. Because payroll processing can be complicated and time-consuming for small- to mid-sized business owners, Heartland is well positioned to help businesses navigate the ever-changing complexities. From providing a turn-key payroll service for an expanding employee base or offering a 401(k) for the first time, our full-service payroll processing and HR support features ensure a solution that suits any business’ needs. Key features include accessibility and security, a three-year price lock and, most importantly, a single point of contact to address all of your payroll needs.

Heartland Lending
Should a merchant need capital for inventory, remodeling or to open a new location, Heartland has a program to extend a loan at a flat rate of 8%, with repayment through the nightly credit card activity.

Secure Submit
Our own e-commerce platform that connects online stores directly to Heartland without the additional fees or complication of third-party gateways like or PayPal. Secure Submit can integrate with 75% of existing website shopping carts, so merchants can manage their virtual and brick-and-mortar stores efficiently with one company.

Heartland Guest
Heartland Guest is a new comprehensive app delivering reservation, wait-list management and mobile-ordering services in a single app for U.S.-based merchants. Although primarily for restaurants, I can envision this working to negotiate perceived or actual wait times in the wireless retail space.

If an iQmetrix client would like to set up service with Heartland, how should they go about doing that?

I provide a list of general information I need from the client and put together a document they can sign on their phone, tablet or PC. Within one or two days, I email the credentials and instructions on where to enter the numbers in RQ. I ask the client to email me or text me when they make their first sale, and I verify that I can see it on my end. The process of integrating with RQ is quite simple and straightforward. I make sure the client has the link for our real-time online merchant center, the appropriate help numbers for Heartland and RQ, and with my personal cell and email for ongoing support.

Contact your Account Manager to get set up with Heartland Payment Systems today.