Fraud Control Kit, Powered by BI

The wireless industry today is waging a battle against fraud and no retailer remains invulnerable. We have created a BI package that helps safeguard you against possible fraud happening in your company today.

The Fraud Control Kit, Powered by BI is a bundle of reports created using your RQ and Business Intelligence services information. This reports package will help to identify any fraudulent activity in your company in regards to RQ, and help you to close the fraud holes that may exist.

The bundle of reports includes:
1. Any invoice with 3+ phones sold
2. Any iPhone sold with cash
3. Refund % by product
4. Refunds % by employee (ranked highest to lowest)
5. Refunds % by location (ranked highest to lowest)
6. Total cash refunds by location
7. Total cash refunds by employee (example below). Report will show which employees are doing high cash refunds. 


8. Coupon fraud (example below). Report will show cases where not enough accessories were sold on an invoice, where two or more qualifying accessory promos were sold at the same time. 


If you have any questions about this feature or BI in general, email us at training@​iQmetrix.​com or contact your Account Manager directly.