Exciting New Reports

The iQmetrix Business Intelligence team recently deployed a new version of our New BI solution. The new version includes new reports, new custom-report templates, a support community site, and additional training opportunities.

Here are some of the highlights of the new version and where you can go to check out training and resources available from the BI Team as part of the update:

Stock On Hand Report

You want to ensure that your stock stays consistent –- avoiding an excess or a shortage of items. The ability to compare sales with inventory will help establish if you need to increase stock on hand, or alternatively, decrease it in order to meet the demand of items.


Top 3 reasons you’ll love this report:

  • Ensure item’s demand is met.
  • Ensure stock availability stays consistent.
  • Provide insight on how well items are selling in relation to inventory availability.

Dead Stock Report

This report will show you the age of items that haven’t moved for a period of time -- allowing you to see both how many items you’re sitting on, as well as how old they are.

Keeping excess inventory has a cost associated with it: product value depreciates over time. The Dead Stock Report will help you in establishing a strategy to get rid of products that are underperforming and keeping products that perform well.


Top 3 reasons you’ll love this report:

  • Display aging of items (Including Accessories!).
  • Help rebalance stock across locations.
  • Reveal the cost on hand of keeping dead stock in inventory.

Order Forecast Report

The BI Order Forecast report will assist you in accurately ordering for inventory items. You will be able to see movement of the individual items in the last 4 weeks and what status the current stock is in (In stock, On PO, In Transfer… etc.).


Top 3 reasons you’ll love this report:

  • Rebalance inventory.
  • Forecast inventory.
  • Display data in order to calculate metrics to assist with ordering.

Templates for Custom Reports

Drawing from patterns we have seen across the industry and combining those with our own expertise, the New BI now comes with a suite of pre-built templates. These pre-built templates allow you to more quickly create custom reports and thus expand the reach of your BI project throughout your organization.

The BI Team will walk you through building reports using these templates in the Level 2 BI training class, which is offered on Fridays at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Support Community

iQmetrix has recently implemented a BI Support Community, containing BI specific information in a single central spot.

This central point of reference for BI users will:

  • Provide you with information on the BI Product.
  • Give you a chance to provide feedback about the new BI.
  • Find answers to common BI questions.
  • Find BI support documentation.
  • View details about upcoming BI training events.

To check out the new BI section of the iQmetrix Support Community (only accessible to BI clients):

Demos, Trainings & Professional Services


If currently do not have BI or simply want a quick overview of what the product offers check our our Weekly New BI Product Overview. The sessions take place every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. EST (iQmetrix webex: Why the New BI?).

An Expert from the BI Team will take you through a walk through of the New BI providing a demonstration of the features, how custom reports are created and what comes pre-built for you by the iQmetrix BI Team. And of course, there is room for questions! To learn more about BI, please visit: www.iQmetrix.com/products/rq/business-intelligence/get-bi


As part of our launch process, the iQmetrix Business Intelligence team is running weekly live trainings. These sessions have been designed to help all new users become comfortable using the New BI.

The trainings have been divided into two sessions: Basic and Advanced. Basic sessions are held every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. EST (iQmetrix webex: New BI - Launch Training). Advanced sessions take place every Friday at 1:00 p.m. EST (iQmetrix webex: New BI - Level 2 Launch Training). However, we generally advise our users to get more familiar with the New BI prior attending an Advanced session.

Professional Services

The iQmetrix Business Intelligence team also offers Professional Services which cover the following:

  • Custom Onsite: to align user’s key reporting needs with our product, while also applying our expertise
  • Workshop: to create a learning experience for the user which is interactive
  • Custom Reporting Development: to assist the users in building custom reports

Please feel free to contact our Professional Team at BITeam@​iqmetrix.​com for more information.