Epins in RQ: Sell Prepaid Minutes, No Physical Inventory

ePins and RTR Pins are integrated with RQ and allow you to sell prepaid minutes without keeping physical card inventory.

A single system for handling both types of Epins
Within RQ, you have options for two different types of electronic pins, our regular ePins and Real Time Replenishment Pins. Regular ePins are generated automatically and print directly on the invoice produced at the point of sale; RTR Pins are applied directly to the mobile number.

By implementing RQ-integrated Epins, the need for handling dual systems (regular ePins and RTR Pins) is eliminated.

Free up physical shelf space within the store
By removing physical card inventory from your store, you create more shelf/​hangar space and, more importantly, eliminate the risk of theft.

Eliminate risk of stolen prepaid cards
As prepaid cards are low-margin items, you would have to sell 15-20 prepaid cards to make up for a single stolen $20 prepaid card. By eliminating the theft opportunity (by employees and customers) you are reducing potential losses. Each time an Epin is sold, the system prints the Epin Activation code on the bottom of the customer invoice, so there is no risk of theft – there is no physical product to steal.

RTR Pins offer instant convenience to the customer
Real Time Replenishment (RTR) offers the same theft security as regular ePins, but with a few convenience benefits. When RTR pins are sold via RQ, sales reps are prompted to enter in the phone number, and the prepaid minutes will automatically be added to the customer’s account. The system will then confirm the phone number is indeed a valid prepaid number and automatically add the RTR Pin value to the customer’s account. After the amount is added, the RTR system will then send the customer a confirmation text message.

Integrated virtual prepaid pins have no cost associated to holding inventory and you will only pay for what you sell.

Integrated virtual prepaid is available in RQ through all the major carriers, including AT&T and Verizon RTR.

For more information on RQ-integrated Epins, please contact your Account Manager directly.