Dimensions and Hierarchies

Still referring to the Grocery Store theme, the Dimension List can be thought of as the aisles in the grocery store.” Each Dimension is categorized by the type of information it holds. Similarly, grocery aisles are categories by food type.

Inside of each Dimension, there are Hierarchies. A Hierarchy further separates the data into specific arrangements. Each hierarchy is named clearly to help identify the type of data it holds.

Dimensions_and_Hierarchies.pngFor example:

  • Here I have expanded the Regions and Stores Dimension.
  • The first hierarchy is tagged with “.District Manager Name”. When this hierarchy is expanded, you will find the name of the district managers.
  • “.Region Name” would hold the names of your regions, etc.

**Note: Whenever you see a hierarchy name that simply repeats the dimension name (Regions and Stores.Regions and Stores), it fully represents the dimension. When Regions and Stores.Regions and Stores is expanded, it reveals: Region Name > District Name > Store Name (the full company tree)