Deloitte Report: Disruption in Retail

The following is an excerpt from Deloitte’s 2015 Disruption in Retail report:
Technology and retail are growing closer than ever, with the evolution of retail being driven by the consumer. Faster, better, cheaper has to be achieved at all costs, but how? Retailers are looking to technology for the answers.

Whether it is the vertical integration of the supply chain that is made possible by improved system interfaces or the seamless online, mobile and in-store shopping experience that consumers expect, the desired results cannot be achieved without technology.

You can’t get away with retail being just a transactional space anymore. Customers want an experience. Retailers need to make their experience memorable - even before it starts and after it ends. - Anne Forkutza, Creative Strategist, iQmetrix

Endless aisle is an alternative technology that has gained traction in the market. Retailers are looking for ways to bring the endless supply that is available online, as well as the online brand experience, into the store. Endless aisles allow retailers or brands to extend the supply of products and options to customers who have made the effort to visit the store. They allow retailers to more effectively manage precious shelf space without running the risk of losing the sale because the new product is not on the shelf in the customer’s favorite color.

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