Countdown: 9 Best Endless Aisle Features

If you didn’t already know, XQ Shelf is iQmetrix’s in-store endless aisle solution.

XQ Shelf brings the online shopping experience in-store, blending physical and digital elements while enabling retailers to display rich product information and brand content on an interactive touchscreen.

As shown in the photo above, XQ Shelf digitally extends shelf space, allowing retailers to showcase virtual merchandise” right alongside real items. This virtual merchandise can be shipped to customers’ homes or to a store of their choosing -- sort of like online shopping, right inside the store.

In this article, we’d like to explore the back end of Shelf, to highlight its best features in terms of content management and user experience. These are the 9 Best XQ Shelf Features” for retailers:

  1. Marketing Flexibility: Shelf allows companies to market their content the way that they want to market their content. We offer the flexibility to select product categories based on your company’s unique classification system, or create a custom category, which offers additional features like selecting individual products, or pulling back a list of products based on specific rules you can define. We do not restrict the way your company prefers to market its content.
    The user can set up rules based on Classification, Availability, and Manufacturer. Below is an example by availability:
    In this example, we filter by manufacturer (e.g. Skullcandy):
  2. Visual Preview: Visualize the results of each product category (visual preview) to see the ordering of products and the main product image that will be shown on Shelf.
    The above screenshot is a visual preview of the custom category called Top Selling Cases.” If the user toggled between it, and the other categories (Phones, Headphones & Speakers), the content in the preview would change accordingly.

  3. Universal Content Deployment: Each Shelf Configuration can be assigned to any device(s) at any location(s) in your company.

  4. Smart’ Product Updating: The use of rules to populate product categories dynamically updates your content based on what is in your product catalog. Adding, editing, or removing products will automatically update in your Shelf Configuration and show on Shelf.

  5. Virtual Inventory: Using rules, we can identify products that are available for shipping, available in store, or any combination of the two, allowing our clients to offer a larger selection of products to their customers without having to physically stock the shippable items.
  6. No Duplicate Product Entries: Rules are smart and help to showcase high quality, relevant content. If you have created a custom category that includes products you previously added individually, and the same product matches a rule that you’ve created, the rule will ignore the product ensuring you do not have duplicate content in your product category.
    The above screenshot shows our Rule, which is set to pull back all cases by the manufacturer CaseMate.” In this situation, I have also added the case manually. The rule is smart enough to ignore the product that also exists in the manually added products to ensure that there is no duplicate content shown.

  7. Idle Mode’ Video: When your device/​Shelf Configuration has not been interacted with for a period of time, we can activate the idle mode video option to play a custom video. This is meant to act as a call to action” to prompt / inform customers that they can touch / interact with the screen.

  8. Engaging Start Screens: Clients can create unique, media rich start screens, which are the beginning of the user’s Shelf experience. These start screens offer the client the flexibility to tailor the user’s navigation of Shelf to different product categories.

  9. Rich Interaction Analytics: Analytics provide insight into user engagement with Shelf. Track details about number of touches, product views, and duration of sessions on each Shelf Configuration, and each device.

As you can see, the XQ design and development teams have put a lot of effort into creating a user friendly and flexible back end for our XQ Shelf solution.

And beyond the ability to modify Shelf to your merchandising and promotional needs, the software tracks a wealth of data to help retailers improve their use of the interactive screens and ultimately -- to maximize sales.

Want to learn more about XQ Shelf? Contact our sales team at XQ@​iQmetrix.​com.