Consumer Data Security Concerns Create Wireless Retail Opportunity

By Brandon DeJong, VP of Marketing, Phobio

A recent study showed that the majority of consumers prefer in-store trade-in for recycling devices, and it’s easy to understand why. Compared to online trade-in sites, trading devices in-store provides instant gratification and saves time. It also creates a sense of transparency, removing the risk of bait and switch,” or other shady schemes where the actual payment price is drastically less than the quoted price.

Retailers have made real progress in making trade-in a more convenient and more secure option, but we can do more to provide value and enhance the consumer experience. More than half of consumers have expressed that fear of data security and identity theft are barriers to recycling their used devices. While these concerns might sound like a threat to consumer buy-in, they actually present a valuable opportunity. If managed correctly, wireless retailers can address these concerns directly to offer additional peace-of-mind through their trade-in process.

While the customer could erase and unlock their device themselves, many are unsure of the process and would like the reassurance from someone more experienced. After successfully transferring all of the customer’s valuable content to the new device, you should ask if the customer would like to proceed with erasing the content off their old device. Then, provide a play-by-play of the steps taken to erase all content from the old device. By allowing the consumer to be engaged and informed about the data removal process, you addressing the customer’s concerns, inspiring confidence and gaining buy-in.

Upon resetting the device to factory settings and removing OEM Lock, the customer should then be handed the device to confirm and approve the erasure. Because the majority of customers have fears related to data security, your explanation and care can alleviate concerns and increase comfort levels. These simple steps will increase customer confidence, resulting in happier customers and increased program participation. 

Quick Look: How to Use Security Concerns to Gain Confidence

  1. EMPHASIZE to the customer that the security of their data is important to you.
  2. EXPLAIN the process as it’s happening, including transferring data to the new device and wiping and unlocking the old device.
  3. VERIFY that the device is clear and unlocked by handing the device back to the customer after it has been reset.

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